Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Save what you write!

I'm working on a new book that I'm calling The MacGuffin for now. About two months ago I wrote a scene that took place in a top secret bunker. It was a scene that was easy to write, it was a scene that was action packed and funny, it was a scene that I thought had to be in the book.  Eventually, however, I had to admit it really didn't fit into the flow of the story. So, sadly, I had to cut it out and move on in another direction. That new direction worked much better and the book has been coming along nicely. Yesterday, though, I realized my characters had arrived back at that secret bunker about 100 pages later. It turns out that the bunker scene was a part of the story after all, just in a different spot. So what did I do, rewrite that scene all over again? No way! Luckily, I save multiple versions of my writing, and I'm extra careful to save if I cut out a big chunk of text because you never know when you might need it again.

TIP - Save multiple versions of your work! Sometimes you don't write things in the same order that they happen in your story.

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